Building Up a Healthy Body with Exercise

Building Up a Healthy Body with Exercise

Exercise helps to normalize blood pressure and create a healthy pulse. It keeps the blood flowing smoothly and not clot. Staying active keeps you feeling energized! Brisk walking is the best all-around exercise. Vow to become a health walker daily.

Along with walking, we like ti encourage you to use free-weights or dumbbells to build up your muscules. Lifting weights is a great compliment to the workout your legs get from walking. Keep your weights in the living room and use the as them as you watch TV un the evening. Even people well into 70’s. 80’s and even 90’s can be weight lifters. All you have to do is strart. You’ll never regret it.

Straying active is like riding an up elevator. The more you do, the more you feel like staying involved. Even couch potatoes can become active and fit!

What a person eats becomes his own body chemistry. – Paul Bragg,ND,PhD

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